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Atavism 2.1.1

Atavism Unity Beta 2.1.1 Changelogs

Update 2.1.1 is an incremental update with no new major features, but instead has important fixes and minor improvements. This update is needed to use the AtVoxel 2.1 and NGUI 2.1 packages.

Important Notes

Due to the changes in the stat system installing this update will require the wiping of your core database. To do this, you source the install.sql file. This does not require a wiping of the world_content database, however there is an update script that needs to be run.

Minor Changes / Improvements

Remote Account Connection

  • The system for allowing logins using accounts from a remote source (such as a website) has been improved making it much easier to connect the authentication of logins to external sources.

Vitality Stats & Health & Mana Regeneration

  • Stats have been modified to properly support regeneration. This includes support for new Vitality stats such as Hunger or Breath that can slowly decline over time and result in death or other problems upon reaching either the min or max value set.


  • The MainWorld scene has been replaced with a new scene that uses standard Unity terrain.
  • The movement speed stat has been added to the stat list. This stat sets how fast players and mobs can run. It can also be altered by stat effects for abilities that can slow down or speed up movement temporarily.
  • The Click-To-Move input controller now works! The MobController3D script has been modified slightly to allow this.
  • The World Building code on the client has been split into control and UI files allowing easier integration with other World Building UI and tools. This is needed for AtVoxel to work.
  • Faction can now be set for player characters (in the Player Character Setup plugin).


  • An endless loop that occurs after a mobs death has been fixed. This bug was causing the logs on the server to fill up very fast and would have had a hit on server performance.
  • Editing certain parts of the AGIS code on the server would result in run-time errors such as “FieldNotFound”. This is no longer the case.
  • New stats added can now be set for existing player character setups.
  • Skills no longer give starting abilities (or any repeat abilities) again after leveling up.
  • Mob faction and damage properties are now saved when entered in the Atavism Online Editor tool.

Update Instructions

To update from version 2.1 to 2.1.1 follow these steps:


Download the updated server file and extract the files.

The following files need to be copied into your existing server directory:

  • bin/ (you may need to use dos2unix and chmod +x on this file if running on Linux)
  • bin/
  • config/common/aomarshallers.txt
  • config/common/typenumbers.txt
  • config/world/mobserver-ads.txt
  • config/world/worldmarshallers.txt
  • dist/lib/agis.jar
  • dist/lib/atavism.jar
  • dist/lib/currency.jar
  • dist/lib/injected.jar
  • sql/updates/update_commands2_1_1.sql

Source the update_commands2_1_1.sql file.

Resource the install.sql file.


Download the AtavismUnity 2.1.1 Update.

Import in the following files:

  • AtavismObjects/Scripts.prefab
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/Atavism3rdPersonInput.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/MobController3D.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/WorldBuilder.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/UI Components/WorldBuilderUI.cs
  • Scripts/ClickToMove.cs

Delete the AtavismUnity folder and import the whole folder in again.


Open up the Atavism Online Unity Editor tool and go into the Player Character Setup plugin.

Each existing character template needs to be edited to set the movement_speed, health and mana stats. The recommended movement speed is 7.