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Atavism 2.7

Atavism 2.7 (delta since Atavism 2.7RC1)



  • Fixed exit from instance button
  • Fixed missing 4th quest reward item
  • Fixed trade between players window, where after delete value of currency it wasn’t properly reset to 0
  • Fixed issue related to equipped display component, where variable Material was set
  • Fixed missing 4th craft result item in craft window
  • Fixed to check items in crafting window where Must Match Layout option was unticked in Atavism Editor. This issue occurs only in situation wherein crafting definition in more than one required slots was selected same material with different count values
  • Fixed item count value for merchant dialog window
  • Fixed item count value for trade between players
  • Fixed issue related to trade invitation between players. Now if Player A will send invitation to Player B, then popup message will only appear for Player B (previously also for Player A)
  • Fixed context menu for soft targeting option
  • Fixed issue related to quest reward. If quest was configured to have reward and optional reward with repeatable option, then when player
  • finished quest once and chose optional reward then when the quest was repeated the same player got that optional reward added as a guaranteed reward
  • Fixed durability for off hand, now it should behave the same as for the main hand
  • Fixed SDE Targeting where target didn’t have attackable or reaction parameter
  • Fixed Coord Particle Effect for spawning particles (issue related to null value for target/caster)
  • Fixed learn skill functionality to fill skill list properly. Previously was adopted functionality which for skills without abilities put that skills into “craft” skills group, which wasn’t presented in the GUI
  • Fixed missing database fields with values
  • Added requirements information regarding items
  • Fixed item comparison popup
  • Fixed requirements for item popup
  • Changed default scene from id 0. Now it is possible to make nice splash screens presenting animated logo of your company or product or even video before login scene. Atavism will set default login scene based on AtavismCore component attached to one object
  • Fixed issue related to login problem (character couldn’t enter world) after logout action
  • Fixed errors related to guild which occurs in error log

Atavism Unity 2.7RC1 Changelogs

Release 2.7RC1 is first release since ownership of the Atavism has been changed and among bug fixes, it also has some performance improvements and new features.

The update does include some database changes so you will need to run the update_commands SQL script to update your databases to the latest version.


New Features

  • Arenas were added. It is possible to define the arena (from available instances) currently supported mode is deathmatch
  • Integration of World Streamer was added by placing down character based on the number of scenes that remained to be loaded
  • Integration with Master Audio. Thanks to that You are able to play sounds using Master Audio API, use their triggers and such
  • Added tracking of quest objectives. It’s available in the quest log for each quest checkbox is presented if ticked then quest objectives for that quest is presented in the right panel (Up to 4 quests)
  • Added integration with TextMeshPro. Thanks to Unity which bought TextMeshPro, great text package we were able to implement it directly to the project which gives such nice features like:
    • text in GUI
    • text over characters (optional by using AtavismMobName.cs script)
    • link items and skills in the chat. Which is possible by pressing the combination (Shift + LMB)
  • Added integration with I2Localization package which gives an opportunity to easily use multilingual feature
  • Introduction of Asset Bundle for loaded models, instead of Unity Resources. Additional manual how to use them can be found there Atavism Asset Bundle Implementation step by step tutorial
  • New attributes have been added:
    • Physical critical power
    • Magic critical power
    • Critical chance for physical attacks
    • Critical chance for magical attacks
    • Physical evasion
    • Magic evasion
    • Parry
    • Sleep
  • Automatic targeting has been added, if the player is attacked by mob and has no other target, then the attacking mob will be marked as target (useful when fighting in the crowd)
  • The effects now have a chance for success, before each effect had a 100% chance even though the attack itself was avoided.
  • Added timers for messages, server-side group, trade invitations, duels etc. along with GUI elements. Now if player will get invitation and will change instance for example then invitation after some time will be canceled (which wasn’t before)
  • Added option to leave a guild, only in a case when a character is not guild master, so his rank identifier is different from 0.

* As an additional functionality, we created history_objstore table which is an almost exact copy of objstore and for table objstore we created a trigger which job is to for each update in objstore table create an entry in history_objstore table. With it, you can restore your characters users data to any point in time. What is important is that this history_objstore table can increase it’s size significantly, so if you don’t need that functionality just drop that trigger by using SQL command: DROP TRIGGER atavism.history_objstore_trigger;

Changes in GUI

  • Atavism Editor added missing search capabilities (filters)
  • In the Atavism Editor, an additional connection to the master database has been added in the server tab, in addition to the world_content and admin databases. This change was necessary to fix the error related to the banning of accounts
  • In Atavism Editor, the interface for Arena has been added
  • Atavism Editor added the ability to define a group of mobs for quest objectives instead of one per objective, which gives the possibility to define objective text like “Defeat 10 Elite Orc Warriors” while as an Elite Warrior You can define Orc Elite Mage, Orc Elite Slasher, Orc Elite Shaman, etc.
  • In the Atavism Editor added option to use copy/paste buffer, so now You are able to copy values between fields. Very useful for places where long texts are required like Tooltips, Descriptions, Quests, etc.
  • In the Atavism Editor Added interface for Arena. You can define few parameters there:
    • instance which will be used for Arena
    • time length is a time after which Arena will be over
    • start hour: minute/end hour:minute are values where You can setup time period when arena will be available for players
    • level minimal/maximal to enter is for defining character levels for which specific arena will be available to prevent low level player battles versus high level players, which would be a bit unfair
    • victory currency, payment, experience values as a reward for victory “team”
    • defeat currency, payment, experience values as a reward for defeat “team”
    • description which is only for some information for players in the GUI
    • team name
    • team size which is for defining how many players can be a part of that team
    • team goal which means how many kills that team should get to be victorious
    • location which is for coordinates where that team should be spawned in the arena instance
  • Currently, we are supporting 2 teams arenas, but it’s ready to improve it more, it just requires more testing
  • Information for the forge has been added. After hovering over the recipe, the resulting object is now shown in the tooltip
  • In the quest log added ability to display completed tasks
  • Added effects on selected target
  • An additional command has been added for administrator messages on chat /admininfo message


  • The coordinated effects scripts have been improved, allowing for simulations of the special projectiles for example weapon throwing where that weapon will disappear from hand of the character or possibility to assign of different types of sound depending on the gender
  • The trade interface with NPC has been improved, with more tabs after item purchase, the item was reset to the first.
  • Fixed a bug related to the player interfering with some of the mobs. It was related to the generation of collisions for UMA (connection of a character controller)
  • Fixed GUI issue related to exceeding 65k vertices has been corrected. When entering more text, the chat and the whole GUI were crashed
  • The collection of resource nodes that have not always disappeared has been improved. It was related with a badly defined and averaged area, within which information was sent that the given resource node was collected
  • Improved refresh group (avatar, level, life, mana and effects that are on group members)
  • There has been a change in receiving experience in the group, now the instance and the range of 40m are considered
  • The opening of popups for several group members has been fixed
  • Improved targeting of enemies, now you can target (tab) only the enemies
  • Limited ability to execute a command/who and/props only for players with administrator privileges
  • Fixed forge, if the list of ingredients had some “empty” one and there were no requirements for exact placement of ingredients, the craft did not work
  • Fixed the character position after you logoff while in the instance and you login again
  • Skills, which had casting time and during casting period were canceled weren’t canceled properly on the server
  • Doubled search performance for filters in Atavism Editor
  • Fixed account banning
  • Fixed issue where it was impossible to replace item in the backpack from slot 1 with any other item from any other slot
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes item was dropped back to the backpack while moving it through slots in the trade window
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes craft wasn’t possible (result item wasn’t presented and craft button was greyed out) while moving items in the craft window interface
  • Fixed a bug adding rank and rank name changes for the Guild
  • Fixed a bug for assigning permissions for Guild ranks/members
  • Fixed a bug were not showing amount of items in the mail
  • Fixed refreshing level of Guild members
  • Fixed refresh status (online/offline) for Guild members
  • Improved permissions management in the Guild. You can now promote up a player’s rank in the Guild only to the rank of the player that this action executes. Reduce the rank of the player in the Guild is only possible for players whose rank is lower than the rank of the player that this action executes
  • Fixed refresh email window panel, before this action was executed only when You open the mail window, now is triggered when receiving information from the servers for new messages
  • Fixed the promotion of another member of the Guild to the level of the guild master. Now the player which has guild master rank promotes another player to guild master rank then promotor rank will be reduced by 1 level and new guild master will be the only one with that rank in the guild. This will ensure the existence of only one guild master in the Guild
  • Fixed display of experience as a reward in quests
  • Fixed bank functionality

Known Issues

  • You can login to Your account multiple times and login multiple characters if You will only stop on character selection screen and then You will login again in another copy of the game
  • In the arena 1 vs 1, if one person will restart the game and login again, the second player will be dropped from the arena as a winner, the other logged character will be “stuck” in the instance of the arena, but there will be no longer treated as a typical arena
  • Sometimes character dies in the duel while it shouldn’t
  • Blank lines in the combat on the chat
  • When there are many items attached to the mob as a drop table then it won’t drop all of them
  • No remove button for merchant table in the spawner
  • When in crafting definition there is no “Must Match Layout” option checked and for example same material is used for two slots with the same count, then if that material will be added into crafting grid in one slot it will show result item and craft button available, but server will response that there are no sufficient items. It’s related to that server is checking what are requirements for item in each slot for recipe and if that amount is in the crafting grid
  • When an item reward and in item choice reward is the same then item then count for that item is override
  • During trade when there is no sufficient space in backpack then items above backpack space will disappear

Updating to 2.7

Updating from Atavism 2.6.1 to 2.7 is moderately complicated due to all the database changes. Follow the instructions below to update your existing server.

It is highly recommended you create a backup of both your server, client and databases before proceeding in case something goes wrong during the process.

Step 1: Replace Server Files

Copy over the following server files into your existing Atavism server, making sure you still have a copy of your and files to copy the settings from.

Note: If you have made any changes to the files below, please make a copy of them and try merge in your changes.

  • bin/
  • bin/
  • config/common/
  • config/common/typenumbers.txt
  • config/world/builder-ads.txt
  • config/world/combat-ads.txt
  • config/world/
  • config/world/
  • config/world/objmgr-ads.txt
  • config/world/proxy-ads.txt
  • config/world/
  • config/world/worldmarshallers.txt
  • config/world/
  • config/world/wmgr-ads.txt
  • dist/lib/agis.jar
  • dist/lib/atavism.jar
  • dist/lib/currency.jar
  • dist/lib/injected.jar

Step 2: Updating the Databases

Scripts to update your 2.7e databases to 2.7RC1 are in Your Atavism Server package. There are two types of scripts, structure and data. In order to update database You have to update first structure then data. Scripts file for update structure:

  • sql/updates/update_admin_structure_2_7RC1.sql
  • sql/updates/update_atavism_structure_2_7RC1.sql
  • sql/updates/update_master_structure_2_7RC1.sql
  • sql/updates/update_world_content_structure_2_7RC1.sql

and scripts file for update data :

  • sql/updates/update_admin_data_2_7RC1.sql
  • sql/updates/update_atavism_data_2_7RC1.sql
  • sql/updates/update_world_content_data_2_7RC1.sql

If you have renamed any of your databases from the default names (admin, atavism, master, world_content) make sure You have proper names in “use” clause at the beginning of each script.

Important note: Each time You are updating Your database or files make a backup to have a copy of Your work

Step 3: Import Atavism Package, Replace Files

Import in the AtavismUnity2_7_RC1.unitypackage. A lot of files can be skipped, but it is recommended you replace the files listed below:

New Files

Atavism Objects Scripts
  • Editor\AtavismBuildAssetBundles.cs
  • Editor\AtavismSeparatorDrawer.cs
  • Scripts\CoordinatedEffects\CoordAnimationFloat.cs
  • Scripts\CoordinatedEffects\CoordAnimationIntID.cs
  • Scripts\CoordinatedEffects\CoordAnimationTriger.cs
  • Scripts\CoordinatedEffects\CoordGetWeapon.cs
  • Scripts\CoordinatedEffects\CoordLockMove.cs
  • Scripts\CoordinatedEffects\CoordMoveObjectEffect.cs
  • Scripts\CoordinatedEffects\CoordObjectEffect.cs
  • Scripts\CoordinatedEffects\CoordObjectTargetEffect.cs
  • Scripts\CoordinatedEffects\CoordSpawnEffect.cs
  • Scripts\GameObject Components\ArenaObject.cs
  • Scripts\GameObject Components\MobWeapon.cs
  • Scripts\GameObject Components\Region.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\ArenaTeamEntity.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\AtavismShakeCamera.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIAdminMessage.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIAnnouncementSpecialText.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIArenaBarMenu.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIArenaList.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIArenaListEntry.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIArenaScore.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUICharacterPanel.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIControls.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUICraftSkillSlot.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIInstanceExit.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIInventory.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIMailBox.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIMiniTooltip.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIMiniTooltipEvent.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIOtherCharacterPanel.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIPointDown.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIQuestLogPrev.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIQuestLogPrevList.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIQuestReadPanel.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIRegionMinimap.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIRegions.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIRendererExtensions.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIResize.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUITimer.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIToolBarMenu.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIUiPresets.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIUrl.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UIGeneralSettings.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UIGraphicSettings.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UIMusicSettings.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UISettings.cs
  • Scripts\Arena.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismAssetBundlesManager.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismAudioPlay.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismGetModel.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismLevelUp.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismMobName.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismMobSockets.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismSepartaorAttribute.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismSettings.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismUIUtility.cs
Atavism Objects Prefabs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\QuestPrevRow.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\DInventorySlot.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\DBagSlot.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\ChatTextTMP.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\ArenaTeamListEntry.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\ArenaListEntry.prefab
Atavism Editor Scripts
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerSleepEffects.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerIntegrations.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerIntegration.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerArenas.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\IntegrationPlugin.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\Arenas.cs

Updated Files

Atavism Objects Scripts
  • Scripts\CoordinatedEffects\CoordAnimation.cs
  • Scripts\CoordinatedEffects\CoordAnimationResourceNode.cs
  • Scripts\CoordinatedEffects\CoordMobSoundEffect.cs
  • Scripts\CoordinatedEffects\CoordParticleEffect.cs
  • Scripts\CoordinatedEffects\CoordProjectileEffect.cs
  • Scripts\GameObject Components\Editor\InteractiveObjectEditor.cs
  • Scripts\GameObject Components\AtavismMount.cs
  • Scripts\GameObject Components\ClaimObject.cs
  • Scripts\GameObject Components\InstancePortal.cs
  • Scripts\GameObject Components\InteractiveObject.cs
  • Scripts\GameObject Components\ResourceNode.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\Character Scene\UGUICharacterClassSlot.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\Character Scene\UGUICharacterRaceSlot.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\Character Scene\UGUICharacterSelectSlot.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\Util\ChangeCharacterScene.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIAbility.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIAbilitySlot.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIActionBar.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIActionBarSlot.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIAdminPanel.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIAnnouncementText.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIAtavismActivatable.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIBagSlot.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIBank.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIBankSlot.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUICastingBar.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUICharacterEquipFrame.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUICharacterEquipSlot.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIChatController.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIConfirmationPanel.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUICraftingPanel.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUICraftingSlot.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUICurrency.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUICurrencyPanel.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIDeathPopup.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIDialogueOption.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIDialoguePanel.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIDraggableSlot.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIEffect.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIEffectsPanel.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIErrorText.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIFloatingMobPanel.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIFloatingMobPanelController.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIGameMenu.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIGroupMember.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIGroupPanel.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIGuildMemberEntry.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIGuildPanel.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIGuildRank.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIInventorySlot.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIItemDisplay.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUILogoutPanel.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUILootList.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUILootListEntry.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIMailAttachment.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIMailAttachmentSlot.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIMailCompose.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIMailList.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIMailListEntry.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIMailRead.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIMerchantFrame.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIMerchantItemEntry.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIMerchantItemSlot.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIPanelTitleBar.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIPortrait.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIQuestConclude.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIQuestList.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIQuestListEntry.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIQuestOffer.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIQuestProgress.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIResourceLootList.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIResourceLootListEntry.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUISkillButton.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUISkillsWindow.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIStatBar.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIStatText.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUITargetPortrait.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUITooltip.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUITradeOffer.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUITradeSlot.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUITradeWindow.cs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UGUIWorldBuilder.cs
  • Scripts\UI Components\CraftingGrid.cs
  • Scripts\Abilities.cs
  • Scripts\Actions.cs
  • Scripts\Activatable.cs
  • Scripts\Atavism3rdPersonInput.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismAbility.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismCombat.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismCursor.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismEffect.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismEventMessageHandler.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismGroup.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismGuild.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismInventoryItem.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismLegacyAnimationMobController3D.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismMecanimMobController3D.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismMobAppearance.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismScriptEvent.cs
  • Scripts\AtavismTrade.cs
  • Scripts\CharacterSelectionCreationManager.cs
  • Scripts\Crafting.cs
  • Scripts\EquipmentDisplay.cs
  • Scripts\Inventory.cs
  • Scripts\LoadingScreen.cs
  • Scripts\LoginController.cs
  • Scripts\Mailing.cs
  • Scripts\MobController3D.cs
  • Scripts\MobCreator.cs
  • Scripts\MobSoundSet.cs
  • Scripts\NpcInteraction.cs
  • Scripts\PortraitManager.cs
  • Scripts\Quests.cs
  • Scripts\SDETargeting.cs
  • Scripts\StandardCommands.cs
  • Scripts\WorldBuilderInterface.cs
Atavism Objects Prefabs
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\TradeTargetOfferEntry.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\SkillButton.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\ResourceLootListEntry.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\QuestListEntry.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\PlayerEffect.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\MerchantItemEntry.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\LootListEntry.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\ItemDisplay.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\InteractionEntry.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\GuildRankEntry.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\GuildMemberEntry.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\GroupMember.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\FloatingMobPanel.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\AtavismItemPrefab.prefab
  • Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\AbilityInfoPrefab.prefab
Atavism Editor Scripts
  • Editor\Prefab Interface\AbilityPrefab.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerTeachAbilityEffects.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerSkills.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerQuests.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerPlugin.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerMobSpawnData.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerMobs.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerMerchantTables.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerLootTables.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerInstances.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerGameSetting.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerEffects.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerDialogues.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerDataBase.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerDamageEffects.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerCharacter.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerBuildObject.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerAtavismCloud.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerAccounts.cs
  • Editor\Plugins\ServerAbilities.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\TaskData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\StatsData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\SkillsData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\QuestsData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\PatrolPathData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\MobSpawnData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\MobLoot.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\Mob.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\MerchantTable.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\LootTable.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\LevelData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\ItemData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\Instance.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\GameSettingData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\EffectsData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\DialogueData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\DataStructure.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\DamageData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\CurrencyData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\CraftingRecipeData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\CoordEffectData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\CharStatsData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\CharSkillsData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\CharItemsData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\CharData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\BuildObjectData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\AtavismGameSetting.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\AtavismEditorOption.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\AccountData.cs
  • Editor\Data Structures\AbilitiesData.cs
  • Editor\AtavismDatabaseFunction.cs

Warning: Importing the prefabs may break any customisations you had previously made to Your ones:

Step 4: Update UMA (if you use it)

UMA update is available in the apanel and it is complete package, so you don’t have to import few packages, only that one from apanel.

Step 5: Updating the UI Canvas

Because of many changes in Canvas, it is recommended to replace the existing one or follow changes and implement them into Your setup.