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Atavism 2018.1 – Date of release 27.03.2018

New Features

  • Added pets system (combat and non-combat)
  • Added Weather WAPI integration. It will allow you to define profiles for weather like ranges for snow, rain, clouds and more and attach these defined profiles to Instance and months, so each Instance will be able to have different profiles. Also, profiles in the specific instance will have something like “frequency” so for example, heavy snow in some instance can occur more frequently than cloudless weather with snow on terrain only.
  • Its integration is made by using WAPI by Procedural Worlds which in turn can be connected to CTS, Enviro or Tenkoku and in the future to other systems as well (Black Horizon Studios is going to implement Unistorm WAPI integration).

  • Added new Demo including free to use:
    • Foliage models by Nature Manufacture (watermarked textures)
    • Rocks models by Nature Manufacture (watermarked textures)
    • Optimized Unity Blacksmith models including special shader for snow coverage by Nature Manufacture
    • Snow System by Nature Manufacture
    • River R.A.M. by Nature Manufacture (without scripts)
    • CTS by Nature Manufacture and Procedural Worlds (without scripts)
    • Bomber Bug by Infinity PBR
    • Enviro Day / Night / Weather system by Hendrik Haupt
    • UMA outfit by WillB Game Art
    • Free animations by Explosive
    • Free icons by Tazo, pbmojART, Rexard, Nazarii Hrytsiuk, Midaem, Dr. Game
    • Free models and characters from Blacksmith package by Unity
    • Free postprocessing pack 2 beta 5 by Unity
    • 3 full armors (plate, leather, cloth) by Dragonsan Studios
    • 6 weapons (2 x sword, 2 x bow, 2 x staff) by Dragonsan Studios
    • GUI by Dragonsan Studios
  • Some elements in the Demo are with a limited configuration to show what is possible to achieve within Atavism, for example, Enviro doesn’t have volumetric lights and clouds.
  • Added UMA 2.7 integration both with and without DCS system
  • Added new Effect for creating an item from loot table instead of simple create an item, to generate item randomly from specific loot table (something like a bag of few items, from which server will generate them randomly)
  • Added social plugin – friend list with ability to add or delete player to/from that list, but also with context menu where a player will be able to invite to a group or to a guild.
  • Added Single Player Instance, so each player when entering such instance will be able to build on it and these buildings will be something like his “private instance”.
  • Added Guild Instance, adequate to Single Player Instance but for Guilds, so only guild members will be able to enter to that instance and if they do, then they will enter their “private guild instance”, for example, to build buildings inside it, like special portals, houses, merchants, storage of farms.
  • Added new GAME_SETTING parameters:
  • DAMAGE_HITROLL_MODIFIER default 35 which is responsible for more random damage value
  • WEATHER_UPDATE_PERIOD – Defines time real time interval between new weather updates in seconds – Integer – Default: 600
  • WEATHER_MONTH_SERVER_TIME – Defines if months should be related to WORLD_TIME_SPEED. It’s important in case when WORLD_TIME_SPEED is set to a higher value so time in game passes faster than in real world and you would like to months passes relatively to it – Boolean – Default: true
  • Added options menu connected with postprocessing stack 2, audio management, mouse sensitivity, GUI reset, graphics options
  • Added ammo to be taken into account for damage calculations

Changes to existing features

  • Added option for Chance to create different types or amount of items while crafting, for example, 100% for common sword, 50% for magic sword and 5% for rare sword or in combination with quantity: 100% for 1 health potion, 50% for 2 health potions and 5% for 3 health potions
  • Improved spawner which was rewritten to suit GUI based on UGUI
  • Improved spawner which will show roam range and agro range to indicates these ranges in gameplay during spawning
  • Improved performance for spawner
  • Changed heavy capsule for cylinder model which reduce triangles by 90%
  • Added cooldowns to be saved on the server. It’s important for longer cooldown, so previously if a player used an ability with for example 1 hour cooldown and relog then he was able to use that ability again
  • Added Mob Max damage as it was never worked (there was only form field in Atavism Editor), so damage is now randomly generated from Min Damage and Max Damage
  • Added Max damage for weapons to also improve the configuration of damage for different types of weapons. Damage is now randomly generated from Min Damage and Max Damage
  • Removed all JavaScript files
  • Added character render in the Inventory window
  • Added additional options in character creation scene with a definition for plate, leather and cloth armor preview or castaway outfit
  • Added loading crafting station from database in CraftingStation.cs script rather than from hardcoded list.
  • Added WORLD_TIME_ZONE global parameter for Arena which is taking values like UTC, GMT+1, GMT+2, etc. and is responsible for preventing to entry into Arena for a specific time which can be set in Atavism Editor in Arena Start and Arena End parameters
  • Removed cooldown on the interactive object when action enters an instance or leave instance is chosen. It’s because such cooldown is global for all player so it would prevent from use portal by multiple players simultaneously even if the cooldown was set to 0


  • Fixed claims for Instances and NPCs where they should be available only on the last stage of building
  • Added weight and weight-max configuration (also for GUI)
  • Reduced trade distance to 7 meters
  • Fixed and adjusted tooltip for comparing items
  • Fixed durability for the off-hand weapon
  • Fixed Faction Plugin in Atavism Editor, where changing create new to edit back and forth will create new entries in the form
  • Fixed trade between players, where they could trade more items than they have space in the backpack and additional items would disappear
  • Removed few elements from Atavism Editor as they were obsolete like in Instance Plugin admin account which is configurable in Account Plugin instead
  • Fixed level requirements for interactive objects
  • Fixed Items Plugin in Atavism Editor where after duplicate item it wasn’t refreshed properly
  • Fixed issue related to colors array for item icon border colors and popup item name colors
  • Fixed issue if the passive effect was checked as already learned at the beginning for the player not by learn, it wasn’t applied at all
  • Fixed refreshing for Quests Plugin in Atavism Editor, as after creating the new quest that quest couldn’t be used for the required quest or in any other fields
  • Fixed Arena Plugin Atavism Editor issue relates to currency reward which was set in both fields (victory team and defeated team) to the same value
  • Fixed Create Item Effect where two such effects were attached to the ability then server hangs for 120 seconds till timeout
  • Fixed merchant popup for items
  • Fixed refreshing available quest when the quest requires skill level and the player will increase that skill to required level
  • Fixed Chat combat messages where all damages were showed as magical
  • Fixed quest history issue, if there is no quest for progress then history quest list will also be empty (even if there should be completed quests)
  • Fixed issue with recipe tooltip where there was only one ingredient in that recipe
  • Fixed issue when using AtavismLegacyAnimationMobController3D Component with Asset Bundle, some animations including Attack wasn’t properly triggered
  • Fixed starting quests from the interactive object or from item
  • Fixed issue where during trade when there is no sufficient space in a backpack then items above backpack space will disappear
  • Fixed issue with Arena, when it was mixed Deathmatch and Last man standing (which is not available yet). Arena ended when a number of players from opposite team were killed, so in 1vs1 it was up to one kill. Right now it’s possible to release in the arena and it’s taking counter properly
  • Fixed Arena resume splash screen available at the end of the arena or by pressing an F2 button during
  • Fixed Arena in Atavism Editor where the goal was not properly showed
  • Fixed Claim issue where another player in some rare situation could upgrade building on the claim to which he didn’t have permissions
  • Fixed Claim issue where if the upgrade of a building requires more than one material it was not properly showed and requested by server
  • Fixed Claim issue where if the building has only one stage then effect on that building wasn’t applied like NPC, Loot, etc.

Known Issues

  • You can login to Your account multiple times and login multiple characters if You will only stop on character selection screen and then You will log in again in another copy of the game
  • In the arena 1 vs 1, if one person will restart the game and log in again, the second player will be dropped from the arena as a winner, the other logged character will be “stuck” in the instance of the arena, but there will be no longer treated as a typical arena
  • Sometimes character dies in the duel while it shouldn’t
  • When there are many items attached to the mob as a drop table then it won’t drop all of them
  • When in crafting definition there is no “Must Match Layout” option checked and for example same material is used for two slots with the same count, then if that material will be added into crafting grid in one slot it will show result item and craft button available, but server will response that there are no sufficient items. It’s related to that server is checking what are requirements for an item in each slot for the recipe and if that amount is in the crafting grid
  • When an item reward and in item choice reward is the same then item then count for that item is override
  • With graveyard system, if the player dies and the closest graveyard is for a different faction that player is, then he will be restored in the place where he died
  • Mob won’t aggro on the player if the player will log out within that mob aggro range
  • For the alternative mob, spawner server will spawn mob template and alternative mob template without destroying the previous mob or without check if the mob is already spawned
  • Pet is not taking proper attitude if it was spawned before duel starts
  • When in Claim permissions owner will add himself with lower permissions then its permissions as an owner will be overwritten and he won’t be able to change permissions at all

Fresh installation of Atavism 2018.1

In order to install Atavism you can choose one of two types of installation:

1. Using premade Virtual Machine which is Atavism ready environment by following Atavism Virtual Machine Installation process.

2. Using detailed instruction what environment requirements should be met in order to install Atavism on your dedicated server.

If you are going to use UMA in your project you can follow UMA installation step by step.

it is also recommended to refresh lighting and Asset Bundles because both are related to specific Unity version. In order to rebuild your Asset Bundles (Bomber Bug is using them), you should head into the top menu in Unity Editor and chose Assets->Atavism Build AssetBundles (it will rebuild your asset bundles and then you should navigate to your project directory and copy file infinitypbr from project_directory\\AssetBundles to project_directory\\Assets\\StreamingAssets.


Updating to 2018.1

Updating from Atavism 2.7 to 2018.1 is moderately complicated due to many changes mostly in the client side scripts and database structure and data. Follow the instructions below to update your existing server.

It is highly recommended you create a backup of both your server, client and databases before proceeding in case something goes wrong during the process.

Step 1: Replace Server Files

Copy over all server files and adjust them as you did before with previous Atavism version. Because server-side scripts were cleaned from unnecessary files we recommend you to put a fresh copy of Atavism 2018.1 server files.

Step 2: Updating the Databases

Scripts to update your 2.7 databases to 2018.1 are in Your Atavism Server package. There are two types of scripts, structure, and data. In order to update database First you have to update structure, then data. Scripts file for update structure:

  • sql/updates/update_admin_structure_2018_1.sql
  • sql/updates/update_world_content_structure_2018_1.sql

and scripts file for update data:

  • sql/updates/update_admin_data_2018_1.sql
  • sql/updates/update_master_data_2018_1.sql
  • sql/updates/update_atavism_data_2018_1.sql
  • sql/updates/update_world_content_data_2018_1.sql

If you have renamed any of your databases from the default names (admin, atavism, master, world_content) make sure You have proper names in “use” clause at the beginning of each script.

Important note: Each time You are updating Your database or files make a backup to have a copy of Your work

Step 3: Import Atavism Package, Replace Files

Import the AtavismUnity2018_1.unitypackage. It is recommended to replace all files as almost all were changed in some way.

Warning: Importing the prefabs may break any customizations you had previously made to Your ones:

Step 4: Update UMA (if you use it)

Because along with new Atavism we are supporting new UMA 2.7 final, you should remove your previous UMA package before you will update it. After that, you should download UMA 2.7 package from Unity Asset Store and then import Atavism UMA package which is available in the apanel.

Step 5: Updating the UI Canvas

Canvas was rewritten from the scratch and you should replace it completely.