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Debugging Tips

It is very common for users to have issues starting or connecting to their atavism servers due to the complex nature of the server and all the different setups it can be running on. This page contains tips on how to resolve the issues you are having. If you are still having trouble getting your server running or connecting to it please post on the forum.

General Server Debugging Tips

Server Commands

Checking the Status of the Server

You can check the status of the server to verify it is running by typing:

./ -v -C status

Each server process should produce the message: RUNNING. If a process says: NOT RUNNING you will want to check the logs for that process.

Stopping the Server

The server can be stopped by typing:

./ -v -C stop

Or if you are running Cygwin you can close the window to stop all server processes.

Server Logs

The server logs contain a lot of useful information about what is going on with the server processes. The server logs can be found in the server files/logs/ folder, with the world logs in the world folder and the auth logs in the auth folder. It can take some time getting used to finding your way through the logs to find what you are after, but some errors can be found very easily.

An additional log file, called errors.out can be found in the world logs folder. It contains all of the ERROR tagged log messages. This will often be the best place to look first, but often you will need to then look in the relevant process log to get a bit more information.

Note: The errors.out file is not reset after each server start, but the other logs are.

Problems Starting the Server

Java: Command Not Found

When starting the server a message may come up in the console similar to: ./ line 241: java: command not found

This means cygwin cannot find Java installed on your computer. Make sure Java jre version 5 or newer is installed on your computer and that the environment variable for Java has been set (Instructions on how to do that to be added soon).

Access Denied for User

An error message saying: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) or similar means the username or password specified in the properties file is not correct. Open up auth.props or world.props in the bin folder and change:

  • atavism.db_user=
  • atavism.db_password=

So they have the correct MySQL login details.

Access Denied for Remote Database

If the server is connecting to a remote database the server needs to be granted access to connect. This can be done by logging into the command line for the database and typing the following:

grant all on databasename.* to user@’ip address’ identified by ‘password’;

Replacing databasename, user, ip address and password with the correct information. Note that the ip address is the address of the machine where the atavism server is located. This needs to be done for all databases (master, admin and world_content).