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Setting up Loading Screen

Atavism 2019.1 comes with the Loading Screen feature, where you can select one of nine example configurations, and also you can adjust some parameters like background images per scene basis, Description, Scene Name, but also Tips which can be presented.

By default, Atavism uses CanvasLoader prefab which is located here Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismObjects/Scripts/UGUI/UI Prefabs/CanvasLoader.prefab you can modify it’s layout there, but also to modify rest of the configuration you should check Assets/Dragonsan/Loading Screen for Atavism/Content/Resources/SceneLoaderManager.asset file which is the scriptable object configuration file for the Loading Screen.

As you can see on the screenshot there are parameters like Scene Name, Display Name, Description, Skip Type, Loading Type, Fake Loading Time, Backgrounds, and Tips, all you can adjust per scene basis, and that’s pretty much it.

The rest of the prefabs you can find here Assets/Dragonsan/Loading Screen for Atavism/Content/Prefabs/SceneLoaders/ (SceneLoader 1…9) with different loading settings.