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Setting up Atavism

How to use scene spawner

Extending Core version with Examples

Items – Armors

Global Events

Slots and Slots Group

Resource Node Profiles

Skills And Talents Profiles Plugin

Player Shops

Multi World Configuration

Guilds Plugin

Effects Triggers Profile

Database Plugin

Items Plugin

Stat Thresholds

VIP Plugin

Achievements Plugin

Rankings Plugin

Bonus Plugin

Setting up Loading Screen

How to set click to move controller

How to set underwater breathe

Setting up minimap

Ammo setup

AGIS Plugin – Guild Example

Crafting – Recipe Book

Auction House Plugin

Enchanting Plugin

Item Sets Plugin

Socketing Plugin



Integration Into Existing Scene

Setting up new UMA Race

Weather Profiles

Claims & Buildings



Interactive Objects

NavMesh Pathfinding


Items – UMA Armors

Items – Weapons

Items – Potions

Hunger, warmth and any other survival stats

Character model, race and class

Weather Plugin

Remote PHP Account Connector

Setting up UMA Equipment Displays

Setting up Resource Nodes

Mail System

Arena Plugin

Integrations Plugin

Level XP Plugin

Player Character Setup Plugin

Damage Plugin

Stats Plugin

Coordinated Effects Plugin

Effects Plugin

Abilities Plugin

Skills And Talents Plugin

Build Object Plugin

Crafting Recipes Plugin

Currencies Plugin

Mob Spawn Data Plugin

Dialogue Plugin

Quests Plugin

Factions Plugin

Merchant Tables Plugin

Loot Tables Plugin

Mobs Plugin

Instance Objects Plugin

Resource Nodes Plugin

Task Plugin

Accounts Plugin

Instances Plugin

Game Settings Plugin

Option Choices Plugin