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Atavism 2018.2 – Date of release 27.07.2018

New Features

  • NavMesh/Pathfinding. The biggest feature in Atavism. Now you are able to prepare a geometry graph on the client-side by using the best A* Pathfinding Package, which you can download directly from the apanel. We decided to implement the ready solution on the client-side because it allows you to use very detailed options and prepare a proper graph on the client-side with easy to use interface and reliable and tested features. On the server-side, we implemented the Recast4j library with many adjustments. Basically, you can use the old version if you won’t provide graph on the server, then you will still use old pathfinding A->B version, while if the server will find the proper graph for the instance then it will use it for pathfinding for mobs and NPCs Even pet is moving along the path through the village to be as close as possible to its master/owner.Here is some more technical point of view and visualization of the path algorithm
  • Another feature which the new NavMesh system will give you is the full 3d aggro range for mobs, so they won’t aggro if you will fly above them or run below them if you won’t be within their aggro range. Previously aggro range mobs vs players were the only 2d
  • Last implemented feature for NavMesh is NavMesh Line of Sight, so basically server will check if it’s possible to raycast from mob to player and if not then don’t’ aggro, it will give you an opportunity to hide mobs behind big rocks and they won’t aggro until player will reveal himself around the corner and raycast from the mob to player will hit without NavMesh obstacle on the way

Changes to existing features

  • Added PLAYER_SILENCE_TIMEOUT global parameter to the game settings, so you could set a number of seconds until your character will be present on the server after instantly closing the client. Default value 30 seconds
  • Added Currency and Claim Deed Item ID to the Claim Region component to make configuration easier
  • Added DISTANCE_REQ_BETWEEN_CLAIMS global parameter to the game settings, so you can set additional distance which will be taken into account during claims overlapping checks. Default value 10 meters
  • Added PET_DISTANCE_DESPAWN global parameter so mob will despawn after the distance value between owner and pet will be higher. Default value 50 meters
  • Admin panel now will be closed same as guild after a click on the same icon and it will behave as a toggle button
  • Now Spawner will refresh spawn markers when a new mob is spawned
  • Changed Spawner UI, buttons like show aggro range, roam the range, and show spawn markers were moved to be visible all the time to make them accessible during the spawn. Also, they are now highlighted when they are on or off (green or red) 
  • Added avatars to Character Selection Scene and their configuration in the Login (Scripts game object)
  • Added missing weapon slot for weapon popups
  • Added filter for Auto Attack in Player Character Setup Plugin in Atavism Editor
  • Changed Craft functionality where instead of first matched item based on first dragged material now it will check recipe based on all dragged materials into Crafting Station window 
  • Added missing DNS configuration for VM CentOS machine
  • Added phpMyAdmin into Ubuntu and CentOS VMs
  • Added MOB_FORCE_DESPAWN_IN_COMBAT global parameter to the game settings for Alternative Mob Spawner, so you can define if you want to enforce despawn during combat or not. Default value false
  • Added support for Unity 2018.1 and 2018.2
  • Adjusted and modified Atavism MainWorld Scene for better performance, which is almost doubled
  • Added race information for characters in the CharacterSelection scene
  • Added strafe for animations in the AnimationController for angles -90, -45, 45, 90
  • Added functionality in Atavism Editor where connection data are incorrect then Atavism Editor will change its state to idle and won’t check database connection until the Test connection button will be pressed again. This should prevent from hanging Atavism Editor and Unity in turn when connection to host: port cannot be established
  • Added option to put TextMesh Pro elements presented above the NPC/Mob/Player in a separate layer to not be taken into account for postprocessing 
  • Added new entry in Atavism Editor -> Option Choices -> Item Effect Type (DeathLossChance) to allow setting the chance for drop particular item in the Items Plugin
  • Added new Faction windows to present your stance towards other factions


  • Added tooltip information (materials and requirements) for items with ClaimObject effect
  • Added World Builder requirements information for buildings on the list
  • All elements in UI were moved to TextMesh Pro (text is sharper and scaling it won’t cause quality lose)
  • Modified death checking so area abilities around the caster could be cast even if the selected target is dead
  • Modified range checking so area abilities around the caster could be cast even if the selected target is beyond the range
  • Added Dragon species
  • Added definition for bank bag
  • Added option to update Atavism Core and Demo during installation on the VM with the web installer
  • Changed installation form for web installer to present server present IP so a developer could easier input it
  • Added phpMyAdmin by default to all new VM installation so you could easier access your database. It is available through a browser on the address http://YourServerIP/phpMyAdmin/ and using database credentials for the VM like root/atavism or atavism/atavism
  • Added additional animations for strafing along with default Animation Controller configuration for blend tree


  • Fixed Graveyard system where the player wasn’t spawned in the nearest one if the nearest one was not for his faction
  • Fixed issue when the mob doesn’t aggro after player relog while being in his aggro range
  • Fixed Alternative Mob Spawner where mob switching didn’t destroy previously spawned mob between mob templates (primary/alternative)
  • Fixed Spawn Marker where it wasn’t possible to open it properly after instance change
  • Fixed World Builder where player clicked on the building from the list few times and building preview stayed on his local view
  • Fixed issue when there are many items attached to the mob as a drop table then it won’t drop all of them. It was related to currency and stack limit
  • Fixed World Builder issue related to permissions where the owner was able to grant privileges to himself and reduce them
  • Fixed World Builder issue related to moving objects in the claim, where they disappear on the client if he re-enters the instance after they were moved
  • Fixed World Builder issue where the player wanted to move the game object in the claim and they do not react properly
  • Fixed World Builder issue where the player moved building within the claim with attached effect spawn mob data and the mob was spawned in the 0,0,0 position instead of the building one
  • Fixed World Builder issue where created claim from the item could overlap other claims. Now it calculates the distance between claims and taking parameter DISTANCE_REQ_BETWEEN_CLAIMS into account
  • Fixed issue where two or more players open the same bank and pick up the same item
  • Fixed issue with the flying state (mounts and admin flying mode) where the player is flying mode was logged out and after login, he was on the ground because gravity was applied again
  • Fixed issue where mob name text was blinking after mobs death
  • Fixed Spawner wherein the select spawn option click on the back button caused disappearing the spawn marker for selected Mob/NPC
  • Fixed Spawner where sometimes it wasn’t possible to select spawn marker
  • Fixed issue with missing Skill level in the popup
  • Fixed Spawner issue where after changing instance during Spawner was open, spawn markers were duplicated
  • Fixed stacking parameters for Healing over Time Effects (HoTs) and Damage over Time Effects (HoTs) where stacking parameters weren’t taken into account
  • Fixed issue where in rare cases after pet spawn and clicking on the player target avatar despawn option was presented in the context menu
  • Fixed issues related to the I2Localization integration
  • Fixed Avatar presentation for players grouped together
  • Fixed issue related to Weather Manager, where CloudPower parameter wasn’t set properly by the server
  • Fixed issue with factions, where the player could be an enemy towards NPC and still take quests, trade, dialogue, and use bank
  • Fixed issue where faction for the quest wasn’t checked
  • Fixed issue where not selected mobs killed by AoE spells weren’t taken into account for quests
  • Fixed some I2Localization translation issues
  • Fixed Hit Range parameter for mobs, now you can set from how far the mobs should attack and be attacked in addition, so for large bosses players, especially melee wouldn’t have to be crowded below the boss
  • Fixed Species restriction for ability, so now you can define which kind of species the ability will take into account for AoE ability
  • Fixed Auto Attack issue, where during switching weapon with Auto Attack attached to them, the effect was interrupted
  • Fixed World Builder moving object issue where sometimes objects disappear for the player after movement
  • Fixed issue where Claim Category wasn’t properly read in the Atavism Editor
  • Fixed World Builder issue where building from item wasn’t checked the required claim type
  • Fixed Atavism Editor where Chance field for Ability Plugin wasn’t read properly
  • Fixed issue related to Authentication server restart procedure where in some rare cases server couldn’t start because it couldn’t close in specific time before
  • Fixed issue related to currency drop where only 1 currency amount was dropped
  • Fixed Ability Tooltip where the color of the requirement was not properly displayed
  • Fixed Animation Controller parameter where a weapon was equipped in the off-hand slot then parameter was not set to true
  • Fixed issue where quest log wasn’t cleared after relog
  • Fixed Skill Mod parameter for Healing effect types where it wasn’t taken into account
  • Fixed issue with Canvas Action Bar where Slot 4 and 5 had the same reference number
  • Fixed Atavism Editor where It wasn’t possible to set Faction for Quest
  • Fixed Atavism Editor where it wasn’t possible to set Item Req from the items list
  • Fixed issue where there was the wrong message during drag and drop item into the bank “You must place the item in an empty slot”
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to drag and drop (equip) and item even if the player hasn’t met the requirements like level, skill level, etc.
  • Fixed Master Audio implementation for CoordAnimationResourceNode and CoordAnimation components
  • Fixed GUI where attributes were limited to 3 digits
  • Fixed GUI highlighter for resource node, where the material doesn’t have the color attribute
  • Fixed Master Audio sound not being played for the CoordAnimation component
  • Fixed Master Audio issue when the sound wasn’t stopped when CoordAnimation was destroyed after the specific time in the Duration parameter
  • Fixed issue with the message when Faction changes the id instead of the name was presented
  • Fixed issue where claim selling price wasn’t properly set because of the wrong timestamp for taxPaidUntil and boundPaidUntil
  • Fixed issue where the player couldn’t invoke update claim price
  • Fixed validation for claim type was only checked on the client-side, right now it’s server side as well
  • Fixed issue where sometimes on Combat Chat Channel there were empty lines
  • Fixed issue with regions where Apply Effect hasn’t applied the effect
  • Fixed issue where after modifying MOTD in the guild window player could visually change privileges of the guild master

Known Issues

  • You can login to Your account multiple times and login multiple characters if You will only stop on the character selection screen and then You will log in again in another copy of the game
  • In the arena 1 vs 1, if one person will restart the game and log in again, the second player will be dropped from the arena as a winner, the other logged character will be “stuck” in the instance of the arena, but there will be no longer treated as a typical arena
  • Sometimes character dies in the duel while it shouldn’t
  • When in crafting definition there is no “Must Match Layout” option checked and for example, the same material is used for two slots with the same count, then if that material will be added into crafting grid in one slot it will show result item and craft button available, but server will response that there are no sufficient items. It’s related to that server is checking what are requirements for an item in each slot for the recipe and if that amount is in the crafting grid
  • When an item reward and in item choice reward is the same then item then count for that item is override
  • Pet is not taking proper attitude if it was spawned before duel starts

Fresh installation of Atavism 2018.2

In order to install Atavism you can choose one of two types of installation:

1. Using premade Virtual Machine which is Atavism ready environment by following the Atavism Virtual Machine Installation process.

2. Using detailed instruction about what environment requirements should be met in order to install Atavism on your dedicated server.

3. Adjust your Unity project to work best with Atavism

If you are going to use UMA in your project you can follow UMA installation step by step.

it is also recommended to refresh lighting and Asset Bundles because both are related to specific Unity version. In order to rebuild your Asset Bundles (Bomber Bug is using them), you should head into the top menu in Unity Editor and chose Assets->Atavism Build AssetBundles (it will rebuild your asset bundles and then you should navigate to your project directory and copy file infinitypbr from project_directory\AssetBundles to project_directory\Assets\StreamingAssets.


Updating to 2018.2

Updating from Atavism 2018.1.3 to 2018.2 is moderately complicated due to many changes mostly in the client side scripts and database structure and data. Follow the instructions below to update your existing server.

It is highly recommended you create a backup of both your server, client, and databases before proceeding in case something goes wrong during the process.

Update using our Virtual Machine Installation

Step 1: Login to your Virtual Machine using Winscp client and remove atavism_server*.zip file first and then atavism_server directory completely

Step 2: Follow instructions like you would do the first installation but with option Update Current Atavism depending on your installation (Core or with Demo Data)

Step 3: Import Atavism Unity Package, Replace Files

Warning: Make a Unity project backup. Importing the prefabs may break any customizations you had previously made to Your ones.

Import the AtavismUnity_V2018.2.0_Patch_2018.1.3_for_{Core|Demo}.unitypackage depending on which installation you did before. It is recommended to replace all files as almost all were changed in some way.

Step 4: Update UMA (if you use it)

We did some changes to the Atavism UMA package, mostly in UI, so you should also import AtavismUnity_V2018.2.0_UMA.unitypackage which is available in the apanel.

Step 5: Updating the UI Canvas

Canvas was changed a bit. Mostly there are changes from UX perspective in the spawner, but also all texts were replaced to the TextMesh Pro ones.

Update using Custom Linux Installation

Step 1: Replace Server Files

Copy over all server files and adjust them as you did before with previous Atavism version. Because server-side scripts and configuration files were changed, we recommend you to put a fresh copy of Atavism 2018.2.0 server files.

Step 2: Updating the Databases

Scripts to update your 2018.1.3 databases to 2018.2.0 are in your Atavism Server package. There are two types of scripts, structure and data for both types of the installations (Core and with Demo Data), you should use the proper ones depending on your previous installation method. In order to update the database, first you have to update structure, then data. The script file for structure update :

  • sql/updates/From_Atavism2018.1.3/{Core|Demo}/Structure/admin.sql

and script files for data update :

  • sql/updates/From_Atavism2018.1.3/{Core|Demo}/Data/admin.sql
  • sql/updates/From_Atavism2018.1.3/{Core|Demo}/Data/world_content.sql

If you have renamed any of your databases from the default names (admin, atavism, master, world_content) make sure You have proper names in “use” clause at the beginning of each script.

Important note: Each time You are updating your database or files make a backup to have a copy of your work

Step 3: Import Atavism Unity Package, Replace Files

Warning: Make a Unity project backup. Importing the prefabs may break any customizations you had previously made to Your ones.

Import the AtavismUnity_V2018.2.0_Patch_2018.1.3_for_{Core|Demo}.unitypackage depending on which installation you did before. It is recommended to replace all files as almost all were changed in some way.

Step 4: Update UMA (if you use it)

We did some changes to the Atavism UMA package, mostly in UI, so you should also import AtavismUnity_V2018.2.0_UMA.unitypackage which is available in the apanel.

Step 5: Updating the UI Canvas

Canvas was changed a bit. Mostly there are changes from UX perspective in the spawner, but also all texts were replaced to the TextMesh Pro ones.

List of changed files:

New Files (19)

Atavism demo\Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 0 3.asset
Atavism demo\Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 1 1.asset
AtavismObjects\Scripts\GameObject Components\Editor\AtavismClaimRegionEditor.cs
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\AvatarSlotPrefab.prefab
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\CraftSkillPrefab.prefab
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\FactionStancePrefab.prefab
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\QuestItemRewards.prefab
Dragonsan\Fonts\Lato-Regular SDF.asset
Dragonsan\Fonts\Lato-Semibold SDF.asset
Dragonsan\Fonts\LiberationSans SDF.asset

Deleted Files (33)

Dragonsan\Fonts\ARIAL SDF CombatText.asset
Dragonsan\Fonts\Lato-Regular SDE ChatInput.asset
Dragonsan\Fonts\Lato-Regular SDF 1.asset
Dragonsan\Fonts\Lato-Regular SDF AdminMessage.asset
Dragonsan\Fonts\Lato-Regular SDF bar.asset
Dragonsan\Fonts\Lato-Regular SDF CombatText 1.asset
Dragonsan\Fonts\Lato-Regular SDF CombatText HederButton.asset
Dragonsan\Fonts\Lato-Regular SDF CombatText.asset
Dragonsan\Fonts\Lato-Regular SDF Region Minimap.asset
Dragonsan\Fonts\Lato-Regular SDF Region.asset
Dragonsan\Fonts\Lato-Regular SDF Special Annonsm.asset
Dragonsan\Fonts\Lato-Regular SDF3 CharName.asset
Dragonsan\Fonts\Lato-Regular SDF3 EXP.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 0 0.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 0 1.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 0 2.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 0 3.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 0.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 1 0.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 1 1.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 1 2.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 1 3.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 1.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 2 0.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 2 1.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 2 2.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 2 3.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 2.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 3 0.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 3 1.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 3 2.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 3 3.asset
Terrain_0_0-20180122-123716 3.asset

Updated Files (247)

Atavism demo\Atavism Demo Scene_Profiles\Post-process Volume Profile Enviro.asset
AtavismObjects\Scripts\GameObject Components\Editor\AtavismGraveyardEditor.cs
AtavismObjects\Scripts\GameObject Components\Editor\AtavismMobSpawnMarkerEditor.cs
AtavismObjects\Scripts\GameObject Components\Editor\AtavismRegionEditor.cs
AtavismObjects\Scripts\GameObject Components\Editor\InteractiveObjectEditor.cs
AtavismObjects\Scripts\GameObject Components\AtavismMount.cs
AtavismObjects\Scripts\GameObject Components\ResourceNode.cs
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\Character Scene\ServerListEntry 1.prefab
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\Character Scene\UGUICharacterSelectSlot.cs
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\Character Scene\UGUIServerListEntry.cs
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\ArenaListEntry 1.prefab
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\AtavismItemPrefab.prefab
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\BuildMaterialSlot.prefab
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\BuildObjectEntry.prefab
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\CharacterSelectSlot 1.prefab
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\ClaimPermissionEntry 1.prefab
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\CurrencyInputPanel.prefab
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\GuildMemberEntry 1.prefab
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\GuildRankEntry.prefab
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\QuestPrevRow.prefab
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\SocialMemberEntry 1.prefab
AtavismObjects\Scripts\UGUI\UI Prefabs\TooltipAttributeRow 1.prefab
AtavismUnity\Editor\Data Structures\BuildObjectData.cs
AtavismUnity\Editor\Prefab Interface\ItemPrefab.cs
Dragonsan\Fonts\Lato-Bold SDF.asset
Dragonsan\UI\Prefabs\DS GroupMember.prefab
Dragonsan\UI\Prefabs\Spell Row.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\Item100m2 Land Deed.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\Item400m2 Land Deed.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemAlchemy Skillbook.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemBag of Goods.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemBomber Bug Pet Non Combat.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemBomber Bug Pet.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemBomber Bug Tooth.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemBomber Bug Wild.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemBook for Ability 1.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemBow 10001.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemBow 10002.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemBrown Horse Whistle.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCloth Gloves 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCloth Gloves 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCloth Hood 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCloth Hood 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCloth Pants 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCloth Pants 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCloth Shoes 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCloth Shoes 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCloth Shoulderplates 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCloth Shoulderplates 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCloth Tunic 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCloth Tunic 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCooking Skillbook.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCrafting Recipe – Earring.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCrafting Recipe – Iron Bar.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCrafting Recipe – Necklace.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemCrafting Recipe – Ring.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemExample Bag.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemHealth Potion.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemIron Bar.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemIron Ore.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemItem Recipe 1.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemJeweling Skillbook.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemLeather Gloves 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemLeather Gloves 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemLeather Hood 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemLeather Hood 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemLeather Jacket 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemLeather Jacket 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemLeather Pants 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemLeather Pants 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemLeather Shoes 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemLeather Shoes 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemLeather Shoulderplates 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemLeather Shoulderplates 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemMana Potion.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemMetalsmithing Skillbook.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemPink Star.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemPlate Breastplate 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemPlate Breastplate 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemPlate Gloves 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemPlate Gloves 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemPlate Greaves 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemPlate Greaves 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemPlate Helmet 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemPlate Helmet 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemPlate Shoes 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemPlate Shoes 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemPlate Shoulderplates 01.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemPlate Shoulderplates 02.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemPrincess Wand.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemStaff 10001.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemStaff 10002.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemStarting Quest Item.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemSword 10001.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemSword 10002.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemTailoring Skillbook.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemWooden Stick.prefab
Resources\Content\Items\ItemWoodworking Skillbook.prefab
Scenes\Deathmatch 1v1.unity
Scenes\Deathmatch 2v2.unity
Standard Assets\Atavism Core\AtavismCore.dll