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Atavism 2.3

Atavism Unity Beta 2.3 Changelogs

Update 2.3 contains a working QuadTree System, Crafting and Resource gathering systems along with other fixes and minor performance improvements.

Improvements have been made to the content database and Character Template plugin to try to reduce character creation issues that have been hitting a good number of developers.

Important Notes

I don’t think this update requires re-souring the install.sql file. Please try update without it and just run the world_content_update source.

Major Changes

Crafting and Resource Gathering

  • A grid based Crafting system has been added allowing users to create items by going up to a Crafting Station and placing items in the grid.
  • Recipes and requirements are created in the Atavism Editor Crafting Recipes plugin.
  • Resource Nodes can be placed in your scene in while in the Unity Editor, then saved into the Database via the Resource Nodes plugin in the Atavism Editor.
  • Players can wander around your world and collect resources from Resource Nodes and skill up at the same time. Resources despawn when they have been harvested and respawn again a bit later.

Minor Changes / Improvements

QuadTree System

  • The QuadTree system is now correctly splitting up the world to reduce the load on clients. This was supposed to be working but was discovered to be faulty (thanks tomt).
  • Loading in of mobs has been altered to reduce the big hit when a new node has been entered and the mobs inside are sent to the client.

Atavism Editor / Content Database

  • A level xp plugin has been added to the Atavism Editor allowing the setting of levels and how much experience is required for each level.
  • Fixed a couple issues in the Effects plugin in the Atavism Editor that was causing data to not load incorrectly.
  • Spawn Data is now removed from mob templates that get deleted.
  • Character template stats are now deleted when the stat definition from the Stats plugin is deleted (this was causing character creation issues).
  • Added a unique key to prevent accidentally creating two player character templates for the same Race/Class combo (this was causing character creation issues).


  • Sound sets added to allow setting of different sounds on mobs to various events.
  • Script added to allow music to be played when entering areas (trigger collision volumes).
  • Tab targeting and first person targeting now added.
  • Added a target type check to the cursor to not show the attack cursor or send attack command for friendly targets.
  • Added a key code setter for a walk on the Atavism 3rd Person Input allowing developers to easily set which key toggles walk and run.
  • Added classes and races buttons to default Character Create UI.
  • Merchant window (among others) now closes when the player moves too far away.
  • More than 1 level can be gained if the exp is high enough.
  • Changed the DoT Effects to no longer use the hitroll allowing more consistent damage from them.
  • Added the ability to get a players level of a skill for skill level checks in the AGIS code.
  • Looted currency now gets instantly converted to a currency.
  • The Instance Portal script has been improved allowing the specifying of which marker or exact x/y/z location you want the player to be teleported to.



  • Fixed an issue where a player may keep falling when they are dead.
  • Attaching particles to weapons is now possible using the new slot options in the AtavismAppearanceController – MainWeapon and SecondaryWeapon. Weapons must have a child node called socket for it to work.
  • Fixed the CoordProjectileEffect so it now correctly sets up the projectile for movement.
  • Fixed an issue where vitality stats were still being modified after logging out.
  • Fixed an issue where mobs kept facing the player after returning back from having run too far.
  • Fixed the issue where players were staying in combat state (and possibly trying to auto attack) after having killed a target (in particular another player).
  • Fixed an item adding an issue that was causing onAcquire actions (such as currency) to run multiple times (such as getting 4x the currency).
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing the duplication of bag items.
  • Fixed an issue with the ActionBar key bindings that was causing the activate ability message twice (which resulted in a “You cannot perform this action yet” error message displayed to the player).
  • Fixed a calculation error that was causing heal over time effects to not heal the correct amount.
  • Fixed an issue where items of the same type to one that had been equipped cannot be moved around the bags.
  • Correct sell values should now be shown on the Merchant Sell window.

2.3 Update Instructions


Download the updated server file and extract the files.

The following files need to be copied into your existing server directory:

  • config/common/instance-ads.txt
  • config/common/typenumbers.txt
  • config/world/
  • config/world/mobserver-ads.txt
  • config/world/objmgr-ads.txt
  • config/world/proxy-ads.txt
  • config/world/
  • config/world/worldmarshallers.txt
  • dist/lib/agis.jar
  • dist/lib/atavism.jar
  • dist/lib/currency.jar
  • dist/lib/injected.jar
  • sql/world_content.sql
  • sql/updates/update_commands2_3.sql

Source only the update_commands2_3.sql and install.sql files.


Download the AtavismUnity 2.3 Update.

Delete the AtavismUnity folder in your project assets.

Import in the following files:

  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/Atavism3rdPersonInput.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/AtavismMobAppearance.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/AtavismTarget.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/ClaimObjectState.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/Crafting.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/CraftingStation.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/Cursor.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/MobController3D.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/MobSoundSet.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/ResourceDrop.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/ResourceNode.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/SDETargeting.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/WorldBuilder.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/CoordinatedEffects/CoordMobSoundEffect.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/CoordinatedEffects/CoordMeleeStrikeEffect.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/CoordinatedEffects/CoordObjectAnimation.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/CoordinatedEffects/CoordProjectileEffect.cs
  • The whole AtavismObjects/Scripts/GameObject Components folder.
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/UI Components/ActionBar.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/UI Components/BagBar.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/UI Components/Character.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/UI Components/Compass.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/UI Components/CraftingGrid.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/UI Components/Deathbox.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/UI Components/DialogueUI.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/UI Components/MerchantUI.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/UI Components/ResourceLoot.cs
  • AtavismObjects/UI/ChatController.cs
  • AtavismObjects/UI/LoginUI.cs
  • The whole AtavismUnity folder and files.
  • The Resources/Content/ResourceDrops folder.
  • StandardAssets/AtavismCore/AtavismCore.dll
  • StandardAssets/AtavismCore/ClientAPI.cs

New CraftingGrid and ResourceLoot scripts have been added which will need to be added to the UI prefab located in the AtavismObjects folder. Also, add the Crafting script to the Scripts prefab.

The MobSoundSet script should be added to all mob/player prefabs to allow the playing of sound effects on certain events.

Neojac Notes – Please Ignore

To be added:

  • Target highlight

To be fixed:

  • Handle cascade deleting for database rows that are referenced elsewhere (half done)
  • Items handed in for a quest should not all be removed if the item is not a quest item.
  • Moving while casting is not interrupting the case.
  • Mobs hostile to other mobs will chase them even when they are not attackable.
  • Item abilities need to be able to target the players target as well.
  • Newly created mob templates are not always interacting properly with old characters that were made before the new mob templates (to be verified)
  • Allow choosing of existing dialogues when setting up a dialogue chain.