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The mob doesn’t attack the player

If you are having issues where the mob doesn’t attack the player, then please check these steps described below. These kinds of issues we can divide into two categories:

I. Where mob is aggroing on you but is not attacking your character, or is not dealing any damage, in this case:

  1. Check if you are having gm mode enabled as an admin in the admin panel
  2. Check if your damage_dealt and damage_rec are set to 100 for both your player in the player templates in the Atavism Standalone Editor
    and for your mob in the stats module


    or on the mob itself if you altered all of these stats should be set to 100 if you haven’t changed thresholds, so each point should give 1% of the value for damage received and damage dealt.

II. the Second category for this issue is when the mobs are not aggroing at all. This can occur because of two elements:

  1. Atavism has stealth functionality, so players can hide from mobs. This is based on two statistics: stealth and perception-stealth. If the stealth of entity A is higher than the perception stealth of entity B, then entity A won’t be visible to entity B. In other words, if the player will have a higher stealth value than the mob’s perception-stealth stat value, then the mob won’t see the player and won’t be able o attack him. Stats should be checked like in point I. 2. so in the player templates module, but in this case, you usually want to have stealth value at 0 by default for your player, and perception-stealth as 0 or 100, depending on if you want to have some kind of buffer for this or not. Then in-game you can alter your stealth and perception-stealth stats as you want.

    and similar to the mobs stats


  2. If your character is entering an aggro range of the mob (without attacking it), but the mob is not aggroing on your character, while when you are attacking the mob the mob is aggroing, then the issue is with the navmesh. Mobs are aggroing based on the navmesh raycast, so if for some reason, you are using MainWorld instance/scene name, but you haven’t baked a new Navmesh graph and didn’t put it on the server, then you may have these issues where even your mobs are on the empty and walkable area, the navmesh on the server may be totally different and it may be in the area where he cannot move. The easiest way to troubleshoot this is to rename your navmesh graph on the server and restart the server. Then the Atavism server won’t use navmesh for the mobs movement, and the mob should be able to aggro. Navmesh file you can find on the server in the atavism_server/navmesh directory

    and within it, you should have directories with names of your instances with graphs files inside


    So, you can rename the whole instance directory and add a suffix like MainwWorld to MainWorld_backup, and restart the server.

    If this is the case, then you may keep it like this (without navmesh) or rebuild it using this guide.