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Building Atavism Editor from sources 


Atavism Editor sources can be downloaded from apanel.

This project was build using Electron and Angular latest versions.

NodeJs@12 and npm@6.4 are necessary to be installed.

Development server

To install them you can go to and download the newest version of nodejs.

Then invoke the command

npm install -g npm

Then you have to install yarn using the command

npm install -g yarn

Now you have to install dependencies and to do that you have to invoke the command from the directory where the Atavism Editor sources are, like:


To run the application locally you can invoke yarn start.

Locally application starts as a browser app, so there are no native access electron solutions.

To start the application in native windows run yarn electron:local. The minus of that is that the app is running without live reloading.

Build and Publish application release

To build application release for each OS:

  • Mac OS: yarn mac:build
  • Linux OS: yarn linux:build
  • Windows OS: yarn win:build

Application build is located in the folder release.