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Atavism 2018.1.3 – Date of release 26.04.2018

Atavism 2018.1.3 (delta since Atavism 2018.1.2)

New Features


  • Fixed spawner issue where sometimes there were no mob templates on the list
  • Fixed issue related to wrong conditionals for Master Audio AAA integration
  • Fixed error message when Admin Teleport list for particular instance is empty
  • Fixed loot window where numbers for looted items were default instead of proper items values
  • Fixed loot window which was opened in the last cursor location instead of the fixed position
  • Fixed resource window which was opened in the last cursor location instead of the fixed position
  • Fixed loading characters for standard non-UMA models with equipped elements like weapons
  • Fixed taking AMMO damage into account for physical and magical DoTs (contributor @Jagatai33)
  • Fixed SkillMod, which wasn’t taken into account for damage modifier (contributor @Jagatai33)
  • Fixed UMA name position in CharacterSelection scene (contributor @Jagatai33)
  • Fixed equipping items in the main hand and off-hand slots
  • Fixed “trade canceled” message which was displayed multiple times after trade has finished (contributor @Jagatai33)
  • Fixed issue related to abilities which have the auto-learn option and required some higher than 1 skill level wasn’t able to use from action bar when they were put in action bar after skill reached the required level (contributor @Jagatai33)
  • Fixed UMA being randomly regenerated in CharacterSelection scene right before saving process during character creation
  • Fixed multiple messages for gathering, the time delay is set on 0.5s between same messages
  • Changed dialogue messages to TextMesh Pro to handle item links or any other special texts
  • Fixed issue related to not handling multiple Asset Bundles (contributor @Jagatai33)
  • Fixed issue with not loading weather priority in Atavism Editor
  • Fixed issue when Ability couldn’t be used if the casting time was different than 0
  • Fixed issue with sound for a jump, response, death, aggro, attack events when a player character is in asset bundle
  • Fixed issue where sound for MobSoundSet.cs was not attached to instanced game object for Unity Audio

Changes to existing features

  • Added Subtitles for Mobs and NPCs to be presented between Title and Guild names
  • Adjusted all scripts to work properly with newest i2localization version (2.8.6)
  • Added game settings parameters for PvP damage reduction PVP_DAMAGE_REDUCTION_PERCENT and PVP_DAMAGE_REDUCTION_USE (more information on the wiki page: (contributor @Jagatai33)
  • Increased timeout for client connection from 10s to 30s
  • Changed default deselect range for buildings in claims from 6m to 10m
  • Added Streamer parameter in Client API component which is in the Login scene AtavismCore game object
  • Added option for MobSoundSet.cs to set a mixer to which played sounds should be attached, by default SFX which is present in the Atavism installation with demo data
  • Added blinking to Atavism server buttons Start/Restart/Stop buttons in Atavism Editor which indicates if the server has scheduled any actions

List of changed files:

Updated Files (89)

  • AtavismObjectsScriptsCoordinatedEffectsCoordAnimation.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsCoordinatedEffectsCoordAnimationResourceNode.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsCoordinatedEffectsCoordAnimationTriger.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsCoordinatedEffectsCoordObjectTargetEffect.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsCoordinatedEffectsCoordParticleEffect.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsCoordinatedEffectsCoordProjectileEffect.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsGameObject ComponentsArenaObject.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsGameObject ComponentsClaimObject.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsGameObject ComponentsInteractiveObject.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsGameObject ComponentsResourceNode.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIAbility.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIAdminPanel.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIAnnouncementText.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIArenaList.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIArenaListEntry.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIAtavismActivatable.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIBankSlot.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIChatController.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIControls.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUICraftSkillSlot.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIDialogueOption.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIDialoguePanel.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIEffect.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIErrorText.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIFloatingMobPanel.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIGameMenu.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIGuildMemberEntry.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIGuildPanel.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIInstanceExit.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIInventorySlot.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIItemDisplay.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUILootList.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUILootListEntry.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIMailBox.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIMailListEntry.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIMailRead.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIMerchantFrame.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIMerchantItemEntry.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIMerchantItemSlot.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIMiniTooltipEvent.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIOtherCharacterPanel.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIQuestConclude.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIQuestList.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIQuestListEntry.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIQuestLogPrev.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIQuestOffer.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIQuestProgress.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIRegionMinimap.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIRegions.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIResourceLootList.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIResourceLootListEntry.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUISkillButton.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUISocialMemberEntry.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUITargetPortrait.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUITradeSlot.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUITradeWindow.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUGUIWorldBuilder.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUIGeneralSettings.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsUGUIUIGraphicSettings.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsAbilities.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsAtavismAbility.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsAtavismAssetBundlesManager.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsAtavismCombat.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsAtavismCursor.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsAtavismEventMessageHandler.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsAtavismGroup.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsAtavismGuild.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsAtavismInventoryItem.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsAtavismMobAppearance.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsAtavismMobName.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsAtavismObjectText.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsAtavismScriptEvent.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsAtavismSettings.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsAtavismTrade.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsCharacterSelectionCreationManager.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsInventory.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsLoginController.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsMobSoundSet.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsNpcInteraction.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsQuests.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsStandardCommands.cs
  • AtavismObjectsScriptsWorldBuilderInterface.cs
  • AtavismUnityEditorPluginsServerInstances.cs
  • AtavismUnityEditorPluginsServerIntegrations.cs
  • AtavismUnityEditorAtavismEditor.dll
  • ScenesCharacterSelection.unity
  • ScenesLogin.unity
  • Standard AssetsAtavism CoreAtavismCore.dll
  • Standard AssetsAtavism CoreClientAPI.cs

Updating to 2018.1.3

In order to update to the newest version just download Atavism Unity 2018.1.3 Patch from 2018.1.2 for version {core or demo} from your apanel and import it into your project. You can skip scenes as they are changing small elements like highlighting Male/Femal button in CharacterSelection Scene or deselect distance for buildings from 6m to 10m in Login Scene.

You might also want to add two additional game setting parameters:


more information on the wiki page:

You can set it in Atavism Editor in Game Settings Plugin.

Updating UMA to 2018.1.3

In order to update UMA to the newest version just download Atavism 2018.1.3. UMA 2.7 from your apanel and import it into your project. Then just rename two prefabs which are in the Assets/Scripts/UMA/AdditionalSlots/CharacterSockets/ directory:

UMA_Human_Female -> UMA_HumanFemaleDCS

UMA_Human_Male -> UMA_HumanMaleDCS