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Atavism 2

Atavism Unity Beta 2 Changelogs

Major Changes

Inventory System

  • The Inventory System has been improved to allow “Effects” to be added to items. These can include stats that are applied to characters when the item is equipped, abilities that can be activated by the item, and Auto Attack ability replacement for when a weapon is equipped. The system is designed to allow other types of effects to be easily added to items at later dates.
  • Bags are now properly supported and players can put bags into their bag slots to give themselves more space in their inventory.

Atavism Editor

  • The Atavism Editor now has a login system to verify the user has purchased a license to use the Atavism Editor tools.
  • A new Option Choices plugin has been added allowing users to add and change the options for many of the drop down in the Atavism Editor. For example, a user can now set their own item types rather than using the predefined options.

Minor Improvements

Atavism Editor

  • Added Delete/Remove buttons for many areas where you could not previously delete data entered.
  • Mobs: Faction and Damage Type drop downs now correctly link to the data in the database. New field: Auto Attack added to allow specifying which ability the mob uses as their auto attack.
  • Player Character Setup: Added Auto Attack field to allow specifying which auto attack the players character starts with.


  • The Input Controller system has been changed and now Input Controllers must be added as a component to an object in each game scene (generally to the Main Camera). An Input Controller should not be added to the Login scene.
  • Players disconnected from the server will now be booted to the Login Scene rather than being left to run around the world.
  • The default UI has been improved to allow anchoring to different areas of the screen.
  • Key bindings have been added to the action bar (using the 1-7 buttons), and for a few windows (L for Quest Log, K for Skills, B for Bag)
  • A caster slot has been added to the CoordProjectileEffect script so the slot the projectile leaves the caster from can be set.
  • Quest Items have been added, an item with an Item Type of Quest will only drop when the item is needed for a Quest the player is on.


  • A couple of item duplication methods have been fixed.
  • The Cursor is now drawn in front of the rest of the GUI
  • NPC’s offering only one dialogue will now display that dialogue when requested
  • A newly created character will now start with their full amount of health and mana.
  • Players can no longer login to the game with any password when using the UMA package (it was a server side fix, a UMA update is not required).
  • Starting abilities for skills will now be granted for abilities with a level of either 0 or 1.
  • The Ability and Inventory systems in the game no longer stop working when 2 or more Prefabs have the same id.
  • The InstancePortal script is working again and can be used to teleport players between instances.
  • The Mob Spawner UI will now only show up for those who have access.
  • The mouse wheel will no longer zoom the camera in and out when over most GUI elements.
  • Quests set to Repeatable are now repeatable.
  • NPCs will now talk to players who are on a Quest but have not yet completed it.

Update Instructions

To update your existing Atavism game without losing all of the content you have created, follow the instructions below.


Copy the 4 files into your server, replacing the existing ones:

  • dist/lib/agis.jar
  • dist/lib/atavism.jar
  • dist/lib/currency.jar
  • dist/lib/injected.jar

Source the update_commands1_7.sql file found in sql/updates.


Delete the AtavismUnity folder and all of the files and folders inside it.

Import the AtavismUnity_V1_7.unitypackage, click None, then check the following files:

  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/Abilities.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/Atavism3rdPersonInput.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/AtavismInventoryItem.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/Cursor.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/Inventory.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/MobController3D.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/Startup.cs
  • All files in AtavismObjects/Scripts/UI Components (beware you may lose some UI changes if you had made some)
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/GameObjectComponents/InstancePortal.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/CoordinatedEffects/CoordProjectileEffect.cs
  • AtavismObjects/UI/ChatController.cs
  • AtavismObjects/UI/PlayerPortrait.cs
  • AtavismObjects/UI/TargetPortrait.cs
  • The whole AtavismUnity folder
  • Standard Assets/Atavism Core/AtavismCore.dll
  • Standard Assets/Atavism Core/ClientAPI.cs

After all these files have been imported, go into each game scene (such as Main World) and add the Atavism3rdPersonInput component to your MainCamera. Failure to do so will result in the character and camera not being controllable in the game.