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Setting up UMA Equipment Displays

Getting your equipment to display on your characters using the UMA system takes a few more steps with the exception of attached models such as weapons that go in the hand. You can get your UMA equipment working with the Atavism System by following these steps:


Creating the Slot and Overlay Data

The first step in getting your UMA equipment to work with Atavism is to set up the Slot and Overlay Data. It is recommended you copy existing Slot and Overlay Data for an existing equipment object (such as one provided by the UMA system). Rename the assets and change the fields needed such as the Mesh Renderer for the SlotData and the Textures in the Texture List for the OverlayData (make sure you also change the Name field so it matches the asset name exactly – this is a pretty common cause of errors).

Note: SlotData is only needed if you are making a piece of equipment that requires a new model if it just goes on the base skin the SlotData is not needed.


Creating the Equipment Display

Once you have your slot and overlay data sorted you need to make an Equipment Display. Go to the Resources/Content/EquipmentDisplay folder in Unity duplicate one of the existing Equipment Displays and name it based on your new equipment. Note: You may have to re-attach the EquipmentDisplay component if it says it is missing. You will note there are 4 new fields: Male Slot Element, Female Slot Element, Male Overlay Element, and Female Overlay Element.

Drag your SlotData and OverlayData assets into the fields that match. For example, if you have created a SlotData and OverlayData for the female model, drag those into the female slots.


Create Your Item

Load up the Atavism Unity Editor and create your item as usual (see Creating Item Templates) and make sure you drag your new Equipment Display into the slot when making it.


Wearing Your Item

Once you have made your item and restarted the server you should be able to get your item and equip it (and hopefully it shows up as it should). You can always type:

/generateItem #

Replacing the # with the item template number (which can be found in the Atavism Unity Editor) to get the item in your bag (easy for testing new items).

You can also run command


and generate items from there by choosing them from the list of defined items.