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Slots and Slots Group

Atavism 10.5.0+

In this module, you can define Slots and Slots Groups.

Create a new Slot

Name: The name of the Slot

Item Slot Types: Select one for the following type:

  • Weapon
  • Armor
  • Tool

where each type participates in the different server calculations, for example, the weapon will be used to add ammo to the ammo slot or reduce durability (if it’s in use) of the weapon during attacks, etc.

Create a new Slots Group

With Slots Group you can define a group of slots, assign slots to it and define if all slots should be used like a two-hand weapon can use main and off-hand in some time.

Name: The name of the Slots Group

Al items slots: Defines if all slots should be used if an item will be equipped in one of the slots

Item slots: Defines slots that will be part of the slots group