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Atavism 1.6.3

Atavism Unity 1.6.3 Changelogs

Server changes

This version has seen improvements made to the Quest/Dialogue interaction behavior for mobs and more control added for Skill progression systems, which will be completed in the next release. A tidy up of the code is also underway, you should see a great reduction of entries in the error logs.

Files changed:

  • config/common/objmgr-ads.txt
  • config/common/proxy-ads.txt
  • config/world/
  • config/world/arena-ads.txt
  • config/world/combat-ads.txt
  • config/world/
  • config/world/mobserver-ads.txt
  • config/world/objmgr-ads.txt
  • config/world/proxy-ads.txt
  • config/world/worldmarshallers.txt
  • config/world/
  • dist/lib/agis.jar
  • dist/lib/atavism.jar
  • dist/lib/currency.jar
  • dist/lib/injected.jar
  • sql/world_content.sql (don’t run this if you are updating from a previous version)
  • sql/updates/update_commands1_6_3.sql (run this to update your database)

Atavism Unity Package Changes

Changes have been made to the Quests and NPC Interaction scripts to give support for NPCs handling multiple quests and dialogues at once. The Skills plugin in the Atavism Online Editor has been updated to handle more options. Prefabs are now generated for skills as well. The UI for skills will be included in the next update which will make use of the prefabs.

Files Changed:

  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/NpcInteraction.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/Quests.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/Skills.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/UI Components/DialogueUI.cs
  • AtavismObjects/Scripts/UI Components/QuestLog.cs
  • AtavismUnity/Editor/Data Structures/AbilitiesData.cs
  • AtavismUnity/Editor/Data Structures/SkillsData.cs
  • AtavismUnity/Editor/Plugins/ServerSkills.cs
  • AtavismUnity/Editor/Prefab Interface/SkillPrefab.cs